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Here you will find the IHC2022 communication kit, all the press articles mentioning us, as well as the press accreditations to be filled in.

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Press Kit

Press Kit (English version) - [Download]

Press kit (French Version) - [Download]


  • Fruchthandel Special 18.03.2022 - [Download]
    IHC on Fruit Logistica festival on 5 to 7 april 2022
  • Chronica Horticulturae Volume 61 (3) - [Download]
    IHC2022: a lively Congress to reconnect with communities
    of horticulture and beyond
  • Chronica Horticulturae Volume 60 (1) - [Download]
    Panorama of French horticulture
  • Chronica Horticulturae V61 (2) - [Download]
    Conservation of horticultural genetic in France
  • Chronica Horticulturae Volume 60 (3) - [Download]
    Vegetable seed sector in France
  • Chronica Horticulturae Volume 60 (4) - [Download]
    Medicinal plants, aromatic herbs and fragrance plants in France
  • Chronica Horticulturae Volume V62 (1) - [Download]
    Rose selection in France: a long and beautiful history
  • Chronica Horticulturae Volume V62 (1) - [Download]
    Challenges and opportunities of the French apple chain
  • Fruchthandel Special 15-16 2022 [Download]
    lnterdisziplinare Vielfalt zu Gast in Angers
  • Le lien horticole 05/2022 [Download]
    IHC: un congrès vitrine de l'enseignement horticole
  • Silence, ça pousse ( Juin - Juillet - Août) [Download]
    C'est demain ! Un monde durable
  • Courrier de l'Ouest - 06/06/2019 - [Download]
  • Article IHC 2022 dans l'arboriculture fruitière - [Download]



  • A message from Beth Bechdol from FAO - [WATCH]
  • Philippe Faure Brac, Great French Sommelier - [WATCH]
  • Guillaume Gomez, personal representative of the President of the French Republic and ambassador for gastronomy, food and culinary arts - [WATCH]
  • A word from the minister for ecological transition and territorial cohesion - [WATCH]

PRESS release

Point d’étape sur le congrès international d’horticulture1 qui
bat son plein à Angers ( Aout 2022) - [Download]

Horticulture : quand la vague verte déferle des jardins des Français, aux champs des agriculteurs en passant par les villes - [Download]

L'International Horticultural Congress (IHC2022), un congrès scientifique adapté aux professionnels du végétal spécialisé (march 2022)- [Download]

Angers : La capitale mondiale du végétal de demain ? (july 2022) - [Download]

Lutte contre les îlots de chaleur : La végétalisation est une clé pour réussir ! - [Download]

The International Horticultural Congress (IHC2022), a scientific congress designed for professionals - [Download]

L'International Horticultural Congress du 14 au 20 août 2022 : un format hybride pour sa 31ème édition (october 2021) - [Download]

PRESS Reviews

IHC 2022 Press Review - [Download]

Press accreditations

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Sunday 14 august 2022

Opening ceremony day one
Opening ceremony day one
Regsitration day one
Reception at the station

MONDAY 15 august 2022

THURSDAY 18 august 2022





  • IHC2022 in Angers France [Watch]
  • Congress introduction by IHC2022 chair (French version) [Watch]
  • Congress introduction by IHC2022 chair [Watch]