At the end of each day, after the symposia, some workshops to engage in intensive discussion and activity will be proposed on particular subject or project. The number of participants will be limited and the subscription will be necessary but included in the program. If you  have any suggestion, please contact the scientific committee.

W1 : What alternative uses for horticultural products?

Moderator : Laure Dreux, Astredhor, France

W2 : Differences between scientific and empirical research, why it matters and how it effects your career?

Moderator : Ted DeJong, UC Davis, USA

w3 : What sustainable post-harvest solutions for enhancing the quality of ornamental products?

Moderator : Çelikel Fisun, Ondokuz Mayis University, Turkey

w4 : How to perform research on Food Systems environmental, social and economic sustainability?

Moderator : Francesco Orsini, Bologna University, Italy

w5 : What exchanges between plant modelling communities?

Moderators :  Francisco Domingo Molina Aiz, Almeria University, Spain, and Gerhard Buck-Sorlin, Institut Agro Angers, France

More workshops to come!