III International Symposium on Mechanization, Precision Horticulture, and Robotics:  Precision and digital horticulture in field environments

Sponsored by

Sindhuja Sankaran, Washington State University, USA
Researcher in agricultural automation engineering, she engages in sensing data-driven discoveries that transform how we study the interaction between crops, genetics and environment to produce sustainable food, fiber and fuels. Her work focuses on advanced sensor technologies that detect and measure phenotypes in crops, supporting plant breeding, crop plant research, and precision agriculture.
David Rousseau, Université d'Angers, France
As researcher in data sciences applied to life sciences, he leads a computer vision group dedicated to imaging-based plant phenotyping. This groups focuses on seed seedling monitoring, plant pathogen early detection and horticultural plants phenotyping.
Keynote Speakers
Towards Digital Twins for Horticulture: Coupling Data-intensive Phenotyping with Functional-Structural Plant Models
The Smart Orchard of the Future

Astrid Junker, USA ; Eduardo Femino Carlos, Brazil ; Frederic Boudon, France ; Gert Koostra, The Netherlands ; Gamal El Masry, Egypt ; Hayan Cen, China ; Helin Dutagaci, Turkey ; Ian Staveness, Canada ; Jean-Pierre Da Costa, France ; Laurent Jamar, Belgium ; Lav Khot, USA ; Manuela Zude-Sasse, Germany ; Marc Handeide, UK ; Reza Eshani, USA ; Selçuk Arslan, Turkey


This symposium will highlight the recent advancements in robotics, high-throughput phenotyping, and precision and digital horticulture tools and technologies in the field conditions. The overall symposium aim is to support the development and the use of connected sensing and automation technologies (Internet of things/IOT, edge- and cloud-computing, app-based applications), robotics and automation, and artificial intelligence/AI tools for crop modelling, monitoring and management. We are interested in implementation of tools and technologies in all stages of horticultural crop production including plant breeding, pollination, production management, weed management, nursery production, harvest, and consumer acceptance. In addition to the technical symposium, we will host an international student challenge on an industry related topic.

The following topics will be developed during the symposium :

• Precision and digital horticulture technologies
• Mechanization, robotics and automation in horticulture
• Connected horticulture (IOT, mobile technologies and devices, app-based services, and management)
• Role of artificial intelligence and big data in connected horticulture
• High-throughput and open field use phenotyping systems
• Proximal and remote sensing tools
• Advances in crop modeling, weather forecasting, and decision support systems
• Socioeconomical impact of technology development and adoption
• Challenges in data mining and data security