Moderators: Gerald Schmilewski, Growing Media Europe ; Jean Caron, Laval University, Canada ; Youbin Zheng, Guelph University, Canada ; Beatrix Alsanius, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden, Jean-Charles Michel, Institut Agro, France

A guidance tool, based on agreed terms and definitions, is needed to guide authors and reviewers when writing and reviewing papers for publication. The tool will include recommendations for methods that can be used to determine characteristics of growing media if standard methods are available. The agreed terms and definitions will be compiled in a glossary. Authors shall be asked to use them accordingly in scientific papers and publications by industry representatives. Science and industry stakeholders will be encouraged to routinely use the agreed upon terms. The use of such a glossary will aid understanding, transparency and comparability of scientific results, basic requirements which still today are often missing. The glossary will also serve other parties less familiar with growing media.
A first ISHS version of a glossary has been proposed and published in Acta Horticulturae vol. 1317 (Caron & Zheng, 2021). Other organizations and authors have engaged in similar endeavors. However, the need to gain consensus with a broader stakeholder audience is essential. The envisaged glossary must be seen as a living document which will be amended as growing media science evolves.


1: Short introductory talks

  • Growing media terms and definitions: why, which and what for? (G. Schmilewski)
  • Terms and definitions for physical characteristics of growing media (J. Caron)
  • Terms and definitions for chemical characteristics of growing media (Y. Zheng)
  • Terms and definitions for biological characteristics of growing media (B. Alsanius)

2: Roundtable discussions

Four separate groups referring to Introductory talks 1, 2, 3, and 4 :

  • Roundtable Gr. 1: General terms and definition
  • Roundtable Gr. 2: Physical terms, definitions, relevant characteristics and methodologies
  • Roundtable Gr. 3: Chemical terms, definitions, relevant characteristics and methodologies
  • Roundtable Gr. 4: Biological terms, definitions, relevant characteristics and methodologies

3: Roundtable switch

Roundtable Group members randomly switch tables and further discuss presented input and generate key motions for updating the ISHS Glossary on Terms and Definitions

4: Roundtable presentations with recommendations of each Group

5: Achieving consensus on a Glossary of terms and definitions for Growing Media to be published in Acta Horticulturae