w7: Does plant nutrition in fruit production play a role in future human health?

Moderator:  Elmi Lötze, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

The objectives will address the following questions :

  1. Should nutrition in fruit crops receive more attention as a significant role player in human health?
  2. How can this contribution become more significant/practical in marketing of this fresh produce?
  3. How does this impact on current fertilizer programs (i.e. product, application method, quantification of fruit quality, cultivation methods)

The topic will be introduced shortly (7 min) by the role of nutrition in three different crop producing disciplines:

  1. Prof Claudia Dussey (Argentina) - The role of plant nutrition in agroforestry.
  2. Prof Ismail Cakmak (Turkey) - Successes in mineral nutrition fortification of vegetables and grains.
  3. Ms Anke Kwast (Germany) - The challenges of mineral nutrient availability and application related to the environment.

The round table will be facilitated by a panel including Dr Patrice Cannavo, Dr Lee Kalcsits and Dr Elmi Lötze who will share their experience in their respective fields.