Jennie Macdiarmid

Jennie Macdiarmid is a Professor of Sustainable Nutrition and Health and the Director of Interdisciplinary Centre for Health, Nutrition and Wellbeing, University Medical School Foresterhill Aberdeen (UK). She gained a BSc (Hons) in Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Surrey, during which she spent a year at the CSIRO research laboratories in Melbourne, Australia. After graduating she was a research assistant at the University of Dundee (Psychology dept) investigating chocolate and eating behaviours before moving to the University of Leeds where she completed her PhD. She went on to work for the International Obesity Task Force then moved to the University of Aberdeen. Her current research is interdisciplinary focused on food and nutrition security and the impact of diets on climate change, land use and trade at national and global levels. In addition to publishing in this area, she has contributed to many national and international reports on this topic.