Brian Jackson, North Carolina State University, USA

Brian Jackson is a Professor in the Department of Horticultural Science at North Carolina State University and is the Director of the Horticultural Substrates Laboratory. Brian has studied soilless substrates and soilless cultivation systems since 2003. His research efforts have included investigations in alternative substrate components, engineering organic materials for use in substrates and soilless systems, substrate hydrology and hydration efficiency, and rhizometrics. Brian's primary expertise is focused on the development and utilization of engineered wood fiber components, a topic he has studied extensively since 2005. Brian works very closely with the global growing media industry and substrate manufacturers and has visited over 50 countries in his research, education, and consultation efforts. Brian has been actively involved with ISHS since 2007 and was the Convenor of the 2017 ISHS Symposium on Growing Media, Soilless Cultivation, and Compost Utilization in Horticulture held in Portland Oregon.