W13 : Dissemination of scientific knowledge to the society: balance between accuracy and simplification ?

Moderator: Delphine Taillez, Aprifel, France

The objectives of the workshop are to

  • discuss the determinants of accurate and efficient dissemination and appropriation of scientific information by the society
  • identify solutions to popularize scientific knowledge, with the example of a healthy and sustainable diet with fruit and vegetables

Healthy and sustainable diets are at the heart of numerous challenges facing society: individual health, environmental health and the health of the planet. Fruit and vegetables benefit from a positive image and a high level of confidence from the population. However, complex topics related to fruit and vegetables need to be discussed and accepted by the society to respond to climate change and food systems sustainability: plant genetics, innovation in production, contaminants and safety etc

These topics currently face strong societal controversies which hinder many levers of action. The scientific community has a key role to play in providing clear and factual information on these subjects. How to reconcile the rhythm of science with the instantaneity of information, politics and media? What place for knowledge in the face of opinions in a world where scientific culture is less present than in the past?

Scientists, journalists, media experts will share their experience at the workshop.