Moderator: Philippe Prevost, Agreenium, France ; Kathryn S Orvis, Purdue University, USA

The International Horticultural Congress is an opportunity to bring together teaching staff and trainers from different disciplines of vocational or higher education, and from various institutions. A "Pedagogical innovations" workshop is organized to highlight and share pedagogical innovations in training and academic curricula, which can then be reused and/or adapted to the context of the participants' activity.

The workshop will be an opportunity to discuss innovative pedagogical practices in two ways:

  • in the framework of a round table with the presentation of two testimonies of experiences of innovation processes with discussion by 2 experts in the field of pedagogical innovations,
  • and by a stroll among the posters selected in the call for papers to exchange with the authors present, on different topics: the implementation of new pedagogical concepts (learning contract, etc.), new learning approaches (digitally mediated learning, competence approach, virtual reality, etc.), new teaching organizations (fablabs, sandwich courses, peer learning, etc.),
    or new learning organizations (school and companies relations, blending learning, etc.).

During this workshop, digital pedagogical resources will also be made available for the design of courses.