We are committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our attendees, exhibitors, conference and hotel management and staff, and for all individuals who will be onsite during the IHC2022. Your safety and your well-being are our top priorities.


The conference will be hybrid, a combination of in-person and remote presentations will be offered depending on the evolution of public health rules related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
As for now, all speakers are encouraged to attend in person. If for reasons related to Covid-19 regulation, you could not be present, possibilities will be offered to switch from physical to virtual presentation.


Change from in-person to virtual participation is possible until June 15th 2022, under certain conditions :

  • If traveling is impossible due to health reasons: Price difference will be reimbursed but not the administrative fees (certificate or national regulation required)
  • If travelling is no longer possible but not due to health reasons: no reimbursement of the price difference will be made.

For cancellations as a result of COVID-19 related health and safety concerns, contact us to arrange a refund. Please send all emails regarding cancellations and substitutions to secretariat@ihc.org

International delegates / International flights :
Where to take a COVID test ?  

At least two laboratories nearby the Angers Congress Centre will be opened during the congress.

  • you need a valid email to get the results (24h max)
  • you need to make a medical appointment days in advance – you can ask for help at the “Conciergerie” in the Congress Centre

a PCR test costs 41,36€ / Antigenic test costs 21€ - please, make sure you know what kind of test will be required at the airport