Half day tour 4 : Variety registration in vegetables and ornementals

One of the sponsors of the IHC 2022, Vilmorin-Mikado is a Franco-Japanese seed producer that has specialized in developing, producing, and selling vegetable seeds for professionals since 1743. As a responsible partner in the vegetable food chain, Vilmorin-Mikado is committed to helping better nourish people everywhere. With one third of its 1000 employees dedicated to research and a network of 50 experimental sites throughout the world, Vilmorin-Mikado devotes 15% of its revenue to research and development. Its wide range of unique and original seeds is distributed on five continents in more than 100 countries.

During the technical tour organized on August 17th, participants will be able to discover the heart of the Vilmorin-Mikado’s French factory. A factory where around 2 000 000 lots of 50 species are packaged every year. This will be an opportunity to discover the seed process in detail. What happens to the seeds once they are produced and harvested? How do Vilmorin-Mikado’s teams control their origin, quality and assure their traceability? How do they optimize the batches and improve the seeds? To know the answers and to learn more about this specific expertise, handed down from generation to generation, register now to Vilmorin-Mikado guided tour and exchange with their passionate teams! By then, if you want to know more about the company, please, visit www.vilmorinmikado.com.