Dr. Walter Ocimati, Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, Uganda
Scientist on Production Ecology and Resource Conservation, his work focuses on banana/plantain agronomy and pest and disease management in the East and Central African region.
Dr. Thierry Lescot, Cirad, France
Agronomist working with banana & plantain, he is specialized on agronomy and cropping systems, varietal diversity, agro-ecology, pests and diseases management, etc. in multiple tropical countries and with multiple publications and expertises.

Ajambo Susan, Uganda ; Blomme Guy, Ethiopia ; Normand Alain, France -Afrique ; Taulya Godfrey , Uganda ; Daniells Jeff, Australia ; Pattison Tony, Australia ; Dawson Carolina, France - Peru ; Legreve Anne , Belgium ; Lassois Ludivine, Belgium ; Tixier Philippe, France ; Roux Nicolas, France ; Salmon Frédéric, France ; Risède Jean-Michel , France ; de Lapeyre de Bellaire Luc, France ; Brat Pierre, France ; van der Waal Hans-Willem, Netherlands ; Fabrice Declerck , France ; Sauvadet Marie, Guadeloupe ; Bolaños Martha, Colombia ; Borges Ana Lucia , Brazil ; Dita Miguel, Colombia ; Sandoval Jorge, Costa Rica ; Rojas Juan Carlos, Peru ; Gandini Gustavo, Dominican Republic ; Dorel Marc, Guadeloupe ; Staver Charles, USA ; Coulis Mathieu, Martinique


This symposium will focus on organic production: challenges and opportunities for productivity, competitiveness and certification faced with phytosanitary threats and climate variability.

The following topics will be developed during the symposium :

• Current strategies that have emerged in organic production - input, simple ecology, integrated ecology and the challenges for their expansion and improvement; sharing experiences of producers and synthesis of the state of organic bananas in the world;
• Advances and challenges in organic production such as water and nutrient management, plant health, carbon balance, climate variability, etc.
• Current status of pests and diseases both present and absent and their management options;
• Compatibility between the different certification labels (Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest, Global Gap, others) and future trends;
• Applicability of production advances and certification of organic bananas in other sectors - conventional bananas for export, bananas and bananas for the domestic market, niche bananas for export, conversion to organic.


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