Workshop 20. Automated fixed spray systems for horticultural crop protection: scoping the global technology adoption needs


University, Pays
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Prof. XXX
University, Pays
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Panel/organizing persons

  • Jayeni Hiti Bandaralage, Australia
  • Filip Vandenbussche, Belgium
  • Wagner Campos Otoni, Brazil

Workshop objectives and description

Modern orchards and vegetable crop production systems are getting embedded with localized weather, soil, and canopy stress mapping sensors, and connectivity to realize automation of crop production management. In such systems, fixed spray systems are emerging as an alternative to pull-behind and movable sprayers for crop protection as well as for mitigating abiotic (heat/cold) stresses. This workshop aims to review the start-of-art and brainstorm to identify additional R&D challenges associated with fixed spray system configurations, and integration with in-field sensing for automated crop protection.

Call for contributions

Endorsement ISHS Divisions

Division Precision Horticulture and Engineering (DENG) ; Division Landscape and Urban Horticulture (DURB)