W1 : What alternative uses for horticultural products?

Moderator : Laure Dreux, Astredhor, France

We will improve our knowledge by sharing our different experiences on the alternative uses for horticultural products. This will be an opportunity to obtain new information on the topic and new ideas. Lock-ins and levers to the development of alternative use of horticulture products will be discussed. We hope that this new knowledge on alternative uses of horticultural products will give participants ideas for projects in their countries, and in particular encourage them to develop collaborative research projects.

This workshop will focus on the horticultural products which can be used (entire plant, its production or its biomass) and how they are valorized or can be valorized. Participants will have the opportunity to express themselves on the development of new products both from raw materials and co-products….

After a short introduction presenting a success story we will mainly work in small groups. The workshop will be divided in three stages of work that will correspond to three questions. Participants will have the opportunity to answer the three questions (rotating workshops) and to discuss about it. The last session of the workshop will be a short plenary session where participants will see the results of their work gathered. We would like this workshop to be a place where researchers and professionals talk together and exchange ideas.