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31st International Horticultural Congress

The Spirit of the 31st International Horticultural Congress 2022

The International Horticultural Congress is the biggest scientific event organized every four years since 1959 in the fields related to Horticulture. The previous IHCs gathered around 2500 - 5000 participants from countries all-over the world. 

It is an excellent platform for scientists, technicians, students, consultants, engineers, extension agents, growers, industry, trade and consumer organisations, policy makers and other professionaks having an interest in Horticulture. 

IHC 2022 will be organized into 3 key pillars :




A high scientific level with a unique opportunity to gathering, meeting and debating on the main topics : 

  • Competitiveness and skills for the Horticultural sectors

  • Food

  • Public Health & Well-being

  • Sustainability of production systems,

  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation solutions

Making value from Research - Education - Industry

The Horticulture Industry will be for the first time at the very centre of the ISHS International Congress. In Angers, these pillars are the driving in the local economy. ISHS members and partners are invited to see, in person, how this dynamic works.

Developing international collaborations, in particular between South and North. Promoting experience - sharing and bringing together different types of horticulture.

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